Turnkey projects

The coaching and training for Turnkey projects all over the world. 

Bilancia is an organization that provides training and guidance for turnkey projects all over the world. In addition, Bilancia supplies experienced agriculturists, who will be responsible for the cultivation and growth that can be realized through a specific project. 

Through experience, Bilancia has learned that there must be sufficient knowledge in the field of management and cultivation on-site, so that a greenhouse-
based horticultural turnkey project can remain successful, even in the long term. From the training-centre in Poeldijk, where course participants are housed, various businesses in Het Westland will be visited. This gives participants the opportunity to see all of the stages that are present in the cultivation process, but also to obtain practical experience in an environment that uses the most advanced horticultural techniques available.  

Bilancia concerns itself with the following areas of interest:


In consultation with the initiating party, Bilancia will select participants who are  eligible for a training in order to form a middle management. Initially, we aim to select 4 to 5 persons per 3 hectare (about 7.4 acres). Bilancia has set up a sophisticated selection method to form a team within which the members complement each other’s skills. 

The selection consists of a written, an oral and a practical part.  

 After the selection, the elected group will be training lasting from 8 to 12 weeks in the Netherlands. The purpose of the training is that the students develop a specific state of mind in which independence is the most important goal. With this they are eventually able to solve problems as they come along and can work independently on specific crops.   The training is fully focused on the cultivation, types of greenhouses, substrates, boilers, climate computers, substrate computers etc. that are used in the project. Of course the data on the climate in a specific crop-region will also be extensively taken into account and discussed. The values and standards of the students will be the starting point from which the management is formed. In addition to this, various management tools will be tested. These are: the eight management roles of Quinn, the strengthening of coaching skills, the  enhancement of self-knowledge and personal development as well as dealing with changes and problems. The culture of the concerning country will be extensively taken into account during the course.

The intended project leader will regularly be joining the group during their training. When the results of the participants are sufficient, the training will be concluded with an official certificate. 

Option: If desired, a separate training-course, of approximately 3 weeks, for a service technician can be followed. Equally so, the program is tailor-made, taking the aforementioned variables into account. This course is focused mainly on maintenance, and, if needed, the solving of problems that will rise when using project-specific installations.

Guidance   After the training is concluded, elaborate guidance is aimed at giving the students the
support needed for further development of an independent state of mind. 

Indeed, this is a quality, on which – in addition to proof of extensive knowledge of cultivation and international experience – the supervisor is selected.   Bilancia has at its disposal dozens of project leaders, from which one can be chosen should the need arise.
During the first seasons, additional support will be available in the form of a helpdesk. Questions or problems can be mailed directly to Bilancia. On workdays, the aim is to mail back an answer within 24 hours.  



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