Bilancia can deliver an experienced agronomist for your greenhouse. This agronomist has a lot of experience in his own enterprise and later on during the last 10 years in projects all over the world.

An agronomist of Bilancia means that you hire not only the person itself, but also a team of specialists, giving support and advice to the grower, when necessary.
Besides the grower will be visited by the management of Bilancia at least one time a year on the spot to discuss the organization, the progress and the coordination with the people. It is also possible, when you will have own propagation, one of our specialists will come to give support. Together with other specialists of Bilancia will be created a team that deals with the monitoring and progress of growing and supporting processes.
If possible there will also looked from the Netherlands in the climate computer of your greenhouse, so be assured that the same data are discussed

Every agronomist of Bilancia has the target to earn him/herself back by delivering such performance that the amount of production will grow. Thus arises a surplus that can be proved by the presence of the agronomist

Agronomists of Bilancia are obliged to make once a week a week report and mail this to Holland. This raises awareness of the growing process is monitored and may in time be indented if necessary

To keep the relations with family etc. in good health, it is necessary the agronomist returns after every 6/7 weeks at home for 8/10 days. This is only possible when the situation in the crop allows this. During this time he will control the situation in the greenhouse by computer. If necessary he can change the settings.

Bilancia is a specialist in Investors in people, which guarantee a focus on an effective organization.


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